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And, unfortunately , simple people sit at home and type awful things about brave people, while hiding behind aliases! I have much more respect for Amy than them!

Police charged Barnes with disorderly conduct. She says she spent 23 hours in jail six in solitary confinement. The misdemeanor is still making its' way through the courts, but Barnes' attorney, Cynthia Counts, says police violated Barnes' constitutional rights.

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I also use my real name (including mk), when on the internet.

Barnes said case is an issue of Constitutional rights.

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We have great cops in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The system sucks because we allow laws to be used to punish citizens for irritating them. That is what bad cops use when they need to have a charge, any charge so they can send someone to the county jail or city lockup to be held for a $500.00 bond. A couple of lies scribbled illegibly on the police report and it doesn't matter the outcome. The cop got to bully the offensive citizen. Most police do their jobs with restraint and wisdom. But the others are real aholes. Why would anyone support the bad cops who should be weeded out? Probably not the cops who do their job squarely and Nike Air Force Tan Suede

Who the hell are all these high and mighty people making all these nasty comments towards this woman, that I doubt they know or know anything about her?

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All anyone has to do is to look at this poor woman's photograph (replete with dark circles under her vacant eyes), or view the video (containing her rambling and incohert statements) to know that this woman is in serious emotional pain and literally crying out for some sort of professional help or intervention. In addition, shame on that ambulance chasing who, rather than helping her to seek professional medical help, would rather capitalize on her obvious emotional state and mental disability.

MARIETTA, Ga. A Marietta woman says that she's filing a federal lawsuit against police after she was arrested for allegedly using profanity at officers. The woman says her First Amendment rights were violated by the arrest.

Marietta woman files suit over profanity arrest

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Amy is standing up for her rights, which she certainly has every right to do.

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"I have a duty to ensure that, not just my rights, but everybody else's rights are honored under the First Amendment," said Barnes.

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports FOX 5 Cobb County Police had no comment on the pending lawsuit, but the spokesman did say that Barnes would not have been arrested had it been only the two police officers that Nike Air Force 1 Pink Suede

There is a clear reason, that when I address my government, I stand before the mayor and look them in the eyes(which they themselves can't do)!

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on Concord Road!! Give me a break! This money is a SLUSH fund! This would NOT be happening if the citizens would band together and quit ALLOWING it!!!

The internet has allowed this type of bullying.

Sad But True, don't feel too sorry for this fool. She's got Rich 'I love illegals' Pellegrino and Kevin Fooley backing her up. But Cynthia Counts is the despicable lawyer that gives lawyers a bad name. Hers is a name I won't forget and will try and keep track of how big a leech she is with other 'clients'.

Guess this kind of self righteous arrogance is what they're teaching you inside those churches on Sunday morning?

heard and saw her vulgarities, adding that she was arrested because other people did too.

"It's infringing speech; the government cannot just chase down a citizen and arrest them when they speak their mind," said Counts.

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Smyrna city officials, as they spend and waste taxpayers money, are laughing all the way to the bank!

You know, some might say that it might be a little crazy to believe everything that's being preached,. as they're passing the 'plate' around asking you to empty your pockets!

Amy Barnes, a member of the Occupy movement, says she flipped off police and cussed at them as she was on her bike on Austell Road near her Marietta home. Two Cobb Police officers had teenagers stopped outside a store as Barnes showed her displeasure from the moving bike.

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Nike Air Force Suede Navy

Amy seems like a pretty smart cookie,. at least she STANDS for something! More intelligent than these folks that think there's no cussing going on in police cruisers or 14 year old's bedrooms!

What a sweet, Easter morning for Amy. Going out to get butter (there's a shocker) and she's feeling so spiritual, she raises her middle finger, high to the sky. Only it's not to praise God for His son rising from the dead, it's directed to 2 police officers who start their day, pledging to serve and protect. Even the likes of Amy Barnes. Heaven help us Nike Air Force Suede Navy all.

It is sad that there are people that stand for nothing, but get their kicks from anonymous bullying.

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