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Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

"We have to come here to have such a good Orange Nike Air Force 1

There are also dozens of brightly costumed walking krewes parading down Royal Street into the French Quarter, each marching to the beat of their own Bohemian rhythms and brass bands.

"It says lie strong. Always good advice Air Force 1 White And Red

The Marigny is the epicenter of Carnival costuming. Shearer showed up as a post confession Lance Armstrong, complete with his own Oprah and unique yellow bracelet.

Ed Doskey of New Orleans and his bride Jessica got married in the Marigny.

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

at a time like this."

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

"We miss Hubigs," they chanted. "We love Hubigs."

Karen Fennel traveled from all the way from Denver to join in the fun.

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

"What I tell people from out of town is Mardi Gras isn't one day, Mardi Gras isn't even Carnival season, it's with us all year round in one way or another," said Shearer.

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

"Honestly, it's my bride's idea, she proposed to me about a month ago, maybe five weeks ago and we were in the process of having these custom made costumes for Mardi Gras, so we thought they would double perfectly as wedding outfits," said Doskey.

One group paraded around as pies that escaped the fire that burned down Hubig's Bakery in the Marigny.

who goes to Mardi Gras and doesn't experience this is missing something."

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

"To me this captures the spirit of Mardi Gras," said Carnival historian Errol Laborde. "Anybody Air Force 1 Blue And Black

Mardi Gras merriment in the Marigny

time," she said. "We Air Force 1 Sneakerboot have a wonderful time. People are really great and friendly and it's just a terrific crowd."

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

Air Force 1 Sneakerboot

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