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robbery at pot club! Suspects at large! Stay tuned! the same old story every time medical marijuana hits the mainstream media. Missing are the other 364 days of the year that patients visit Sacramento dispensaries and safely access affordable medication that significantly reduces dependence on expensive prescription drugs and dramatically improves the quality of their lives.

Affairs] gave me a bottle of 500 Vicodin just like that, Franks recalls. He took the drugs, but he felt worse. The ringing returned. been having I not going to say suicidal thoughts, but crazy thoughts, where some guy gonna piss me off and I going to end up beating him up, like road rage or something stupid like that, he confesses. A father of four, the veteran lives with his wife and kids in Citrus Heights. Days old stubble gathers on his chin, an Army cap shades his vulnerable looking eyes. not me, he says.

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Franks escaped unscathed, but the ringing lingered. A year later, in January 2006, an accident while he was stationed back in Texas irrevocably altered his life.

Missing from the news reports are the patients themselves, who suffer from a panoply of diseases and disorders, ranging from AIDS to cancer to post traumatic stress disorder. Some of the patients have even fought for democracy in Iraq, only to return home and find the will of the people of the state of California thwarted by political expediency. They fighting overseas, then returning home broken physically, mentally, or both, only to be denied the one thing that brings many of them relief: medicinal marijuana.

Nike Air Force Rt

when I grabbed the back of the boat I felt a current, and my foot hit the propeller, the middle of it, Aquino remembers. He panicked, then screamed. rope caught my foot, then the propeller, which pulled me down into it and caught my swim shorts. I was so worried about drowning that I couldn feel the propeller ripping me apart. He made it to the surface, where he saw his right leg was torn to shreds. He was relieved: It was only his leg.

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Nike Air Force Rt

Is this a great country or what?

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were moving a bunch of [artillery], and a lot of it fell on me, Franks says matter of factly. X rays showed two herniated discs: one bulging into the spine, the other low on fluid, both permanently damaged. Doctors were quick to prescribe the holy trinity of painkillers: OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin. Three times a day. Each. He became walking zombie. The men under his command covered for him at first, but finally, in July 2007, Franks received a medical discharge and moved to California.

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February morning at Baghdad International Airport and veered left into a secured area, it was as routine as routine gets in war ravaged Iraq. Suddenly, a blinding flash and an ear splitting explosion. His truck immediately died, its front windshield shattered, blown out. Debris rained down. A car bomb had exploded right behind him. His ears rang like psychedelic chapel bells at high noon.

Marijuana in Sacramento

A boating incident last summer almost robbed Daniel Aquino of his life.

my intestines were hanging out, he says. An ambulance came. six pack was looking so good. Then that propeller ripped it right in half.

Daniel Aquino also knows about physical and mental pain. Last September, while tubing at Discovery Park on the American River, he suffered a horrific boating accident.

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Sgt. Jason Franks regularly traveled Route Irish, a Baghdad thoroughfare littered with IED potholes, for months without incident. When he arrived one Grey Nike Air Force

I looked down again and realized all Nike Air Force 1 Tumblr

yells, reaching for the man gun and forcing him to the ground. A scuffle ensues. Another man armed with a sawed off shotgun storms into the dispensary lobby. Two on one. Out of nowhere, a patient joins the fight against the two intruders. Then an employee. The trio wrestles away the shotgun and force the gunmen out the door. Furniture is tossed. A stair railing breaks loose. The suspects flee. Thankfully, nobody is severely injured. Cops arrive. Later, a KCRA helicopter decorates the cloudless sky. news.

Nike Air Force Rt

Voters approved the use of medicinal marijuana with the passage of Proposition 215 over a decade ago, yet there still the perception of pot as an illicit street drug. For one, medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law, a fact that makes the Sacramento County Board Nike Air Force Rt of Supervisors nervous. In fact, in March, they refused to implement the state ID card program in the county, a move that prescription pot proponents say decreases safe access for patients.

didn even want to go boating, he laughs now. get in the water, because I think the water filthy. took his turn on the inner tube, and even had a good time. Then it was someone else turn.

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