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Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

But this study suggests that flattening of the head at birth is a precursor to this deformity and the condition is made worse by putting the babies to sleep on their backs without varying the head position.

In addition, they say that the parents should be instructed to allow supervised "tummy time" while their infant is awake and be cautious about the amount of time their babies spend in a car seat.

They also recommend that the American Flyknit Air Force 1

They also found that several factors increased the risk of the baby being born with this deformity, such as the use of forceps or suction during birth, a prolonged labor, an unusual birth position, being the mother's first child, and male sex. For example, more than two thirds of the babies with a flat head were boys, and males accounted for 71% of the babies with otherwise unusual head shapes.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Researcher Wiebke K. Peitsch, MD, Red Air Force Ones With Stars

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Academy of Pediatrics amend their "back to sleep" recommendations to note that the infant's head should be turned regularly or positioned on either side with a blanket behind the back. However, the researchers are not suggesting that parents stop putting their babies to sleep on their backs, as this position is known to decrease the risk of SIDS.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Since 1992, health officials have urged Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay caregivers to put babies to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The campaign has been successful in reducing the number of SIDS deaths, but researchers say since this change was implemented, the number of infants with flat spots on the back of their heads has grown dramatically.

of Harvard Medical School, and colleagues examined 201 newborns for head abnormalities and found that 13% of single babies and 56% of twins were born with partially flattened heads. Their findings appear in the December issue of Pediatrics.

"If it occurs, the parents should Air Force 1 Yellow

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

Jan. 3, 2003 Every newborn child is perfect in their parents' eyes, but a surprising number of infants are born with partially flat heads and may be at risk for permanent deformities if precautions aren't taken. A new study shows about one in 10 newborns and more than half of twins suffer from the abnormality, which may be worsened by current sleeping recommendations.

The researchers say babies born with flat spots are more likely to turn their head to the flat side when placed on their back because it's more comfortable, and this increases the likelihood of developing a permanent abnormality.

Many Babies Born With Flat Heads

Researchers say most parents don't notice head flatness until their baby is 2 to 3 months old, but they can reduce their child's risk of long term deformity by taking simple precautions.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

change position in the crib regularly and be certain the infant does not always lie on the flat side of the head," write the researchers.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

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Nike Air Force 1 Mid Wheat Ebay

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