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Making the Most of Energy Incentives, Rebates, and Grants: A Los Rios Community College District Case Study

BMU 210 9:00 9:50

Angela Casler, College of Business at CSU, Chico

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BMU 304 9:00 9:50

Kerrie Feil Olson, Steven Pina Sanchez and Whitney Wright, SCOOP at CSU, Chico

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BMU 211 9:00 9:50

David Younger, Jonathan McMurtry, Lionakis, Erik Winje, DPR Construction, and John Ellis, Cosumnes River College

BMU 204 9:00 9:50

Courtney Ward, RetroCom Energy Strategies

Los Rios Community College District has taken advantage of a $5 million Smart Grid grant from their local utility district (SMUD) and has utilized the grant to maximize not only their energy savings, but additional rebates from both SMUD and PG as well. RetroCom Energy Strategies worked closely with Los Rios to optimize the operation of their HVAC systems at each of their four campuses in existing and new buildings. By implementing Smart Grid controls, Los Rios is now eligible to participate in SMUD's Demand Response program. Los Rios is enabling calendar based air handler operation by manually interfacing the campus class scheduling system (PeopleSoft) to their energy management system (EMS). In addition to the innovative scheduling upgrades and Demand Response connection, Los Rios has implemented several additional innovative energy savings measures. This presentation will cover maximizing the capabilities/possibilities of any EMS at your facility.

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This presentation will focus on the tool that is used for SCOOP's consultations. The criteria that they provide can help anyone and everyone to decrease their ecological footprint and increase environmental awareness. They will also discuss what SCOOP is, what they do, and provide opportunities for those interested in joining them.

March 7 2014

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BMU 303 9:00 9:50

Growing an Online Career

Lee Altier, Elizabeth Boyd, College of Agriculture, CSU, Chico, Francisco Fonseca, Educative Centre for Costa Rican Development,

Manuel Amador, CORP. EDUCATIVA PARA EL DESARROLLO COSTARRICENSE, and Salvador V. Garibay, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland

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accounting, finance, and marketing in nonprofit and for profit organizations. Students or professionals who would like to learn how to manage for sustainability can also be certified as an associate. SMA believes that sustainability can be managed in any type of organization with a strong long term strategic view. If you share the same vision, come learn more today.

BMU 209 9:00 9:50

PART I Overview of Projects: Enhancing the Viability of Small Farmers Everywhere: an International Perspective on Sustaining Local Food Production

When Cosumnes River College was ready to design a new interdisciplinary classroom building that would house, among other things, their Architecture and Construction Management programs, it was clear that this was an amazing opportunity for integrated teaching and learning. More than six years ago, students were assigned the project as part of their design studio, an instructional approach to engage the student voice. Their best work informed the next phase of the project, where the College turned to a design Nike Air Force One Mid Canada

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with machinery, these projects also seek to promote more rural employment through value added processing. This session will describe the process of generating the involvement of farmers and the opportunities for enhancing sustainability.

Get Certified in Sustainability Management

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build competition collaboration between users, architect and contractor to design a sustainable, flexible and technology rich LEED Platinum building that could be used as a teaching tool for future generations of architects and contractors. This presentation will focus on the circle of sustainable knowledge, where the curriculum and students informed the design of the building, the building design informed sustainability and sustainability informed curriculum for future generations to come.

Is it possible for better farming practices to reduce greenhouse gases and at the same time increase the nutritional quality of our food? Emerging scientific evidence is demonstrating a powerful relationship between farming, nutrition, and ecology. study of milk's essential fatty acid composition. These findings, in conjunction with additional research focused on greenhouse gas emissions, illustrate how pasture based dairy practices can improve our health while helping to mitigate climate change.

Buildings that Teach: Integrating Sustainability, Building Design and Curriculum Within the Built Environment

Throughout the world, small farms have been the engines and framework of rural economies and social life. The health of rural communities has always been linked with the well being of their farms. Several projects currently underway in Latin America and Europe are exploring opportunities to reward farmers by promoting the stewardship they provide in enhancing biodiversity and sequestering soil carbon. These projects are based upon the premise that efforts to enhance farmers' economic well being must be linked to regenerating and conserving the natural capital of their regions and the sustainability of their production. agriculture to displace farmers Air Force Ones Gold

Mary Clare Hunt, In Women We Trust

Jonathan Reinbold, Organic Valley

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How do you establish your career path in your freshman year; call in opportunities instead of chasing them; and become the person that an employer would love to hire? Eco and Social Media visionary, Mary Hunt will introduce strategies that merge sustainable practices with digital footprint decisions. She discuss Nike Air Force 1 Mid Red Black the reasons behind creating your own brand that will build over the years, plus set the social seeds necessary to grow and move your ideas forward across a campus or a corporation. You see examples of how one person can set off an avalanche of change and learn the evergreen elements of what included in a strong digital impression. Come and learn how to cultivate and grow your influence and be prepared for when social media tools change.

The Proof is in the Pasture: Science Shows the Benefits of Pasture Based Farming for People and Planet

DIY Sustainability Workshop/What is SCOOP?

Join the Sustainability Management Association (SMA) in transforming leadership to manage for a healthy economy, natural environment, and society. The SMA is a professional association whose members strive to make a positive difference. The SMA also accredits professional certification for experienced professionals who manage fleets, facilities, equipment, health and safety, human resources, Green Nike Air Force 1

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