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"I was taken to hospital and it was pretty deep and near my kidney but it was alright."

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Chris added: "People need to know that this is what it's like when you to Napoli. If United or anyone else goes they need Nike Force

Worried City officials wrote to the 800 fans who made the trip after visiting supporters were slashed on previous visits.

Nike Air Force Colours

Manchester City fan reveals he was knifed by thugs after Champions League match

"All of a sudden two blokes ran out of an alley with knives. One went to stab my dad in the back so I've run over and hit him and as he was going down he has stabbed me in my side.

to gather at the port and to use coaches laid on to take them to and from the ground.

Nike Air Force Colours

Nike Air Force Colours

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He said: "None of us had any colours on show and we were keeping ourselves to ourselves.

The game had a designated security officer, which is not always the case, and meetings were held to try and pre empt trouble. Additional stewards and police were on duty.

Nike Air Force Colours

Reports before the match claimed that another City fan, hospitalised in Sorrento, had fallen over and banged his head. But pal and fellow Blues supporter David Lingard, 32, from Openshaw, said the victim was actually beaten unconscious with a bottle after they were ambushed outside a bar

But Chris said that when they were dropped off after the match, which City lost 2 1, their police escort abandoned them.

Italian police said there was no disorder at the match after they launched a huge security operation. But Chris said their claim was 'nonsense' and 'dangerous'.

Nike Air Force Colours

to know it's not what the Italian police have been saying.

Chris Taggart, from Blackley, suffered a deep wound when an Italian thug plunged a knife into his side following the Champions League match against Napoli. of the terrifying moment scores of armed thugs emerged from the darkness to ambush them. And he claimed they were only saved when an undercover police officer armed with a gun intervened.

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Nobody from the Italian police was available for comment. Uefa declined to comment.

Nike Air Force Colours

Nike Air Force Colours

Nike Air Force Colours

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A Manchester City fan has called on European football's governing body to Air Force 1 Shoes Blue

They asked Blues fans Nike Force 2018

Nike Air Force Colours

"Loads of them came out waving knives on mopeds then, shouting 'Manchester, Manchester' and everyone tried to leg it. It was bizarre. A car then stopped in the middle of this and a Nike Air Force Colours bloke got out of it with a gun in his hand. It turns out he was an undercover police officer and all the Italians ran off.

Nike Air Force Colours

Now he wants Uefa to step in to make sure there is no repeat at future matches involving the Italian club.

investigate after he was stabbed in Naples.

Nike Air Force Colours

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