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Red Air Force Ones 2018

Red Air Force Ones 2018

Red Air Force Ones 2018

Red Air Force Ones 2018

First of all, you need some materials that are indispensable for what you are about to create. First of all, make sure you have all the materials you need to create a M?rti?or. Here is a list with Red Air Force Ones 2018 the base materials you need, you can complete it any time with many more, depending on your imaginations.

Red Air Force Ones 2018

a pair of mobile eyes (if you want to create a tanagra)

Finally, Spring is here! As March is the month of women and of course, the month of M?rti?or ([m?rtsi?or]), I want to show a less expensive and symbolic alternative for Nike Air Force Lv8

Red Air Force Ones 2018

Red Air Force Ones 2018

Red Air Force Ones 2018

other accessories, such as photographs, dry flowers or leaves, beads, shells,

Then comes gluing the red and white cord you can not Air Force 1 Nike Size

glitter marker or a colored market (this is for effect)

This is why, having Spring in mind and the certainty that people celebrate the International Woman's Day, I present you a nice, affordable and fun solution of making your own M?rti?or: paper M?rti?or I thought to share with you an original, pretty and with a low cost solution to create a paper M?rti?or, at home. If some of you are in doubts regarding Air Force 1 Red Black White

March paper triket

Red Air Force Ones 2018

Your creations will be truly appreciated because of their originality and because they will be personalized. In addition, the whole process of making them is affordable, fun and creative!

Red Air Force Ones 2018

March did not bring with it only longer and shinny days, but also the M?rti?or fever offering symbolic trinkets and cards to all female acquaintance. Also, in Romanian cities, everywhere you look this time of year, you can find booths that sell these things. Practically, it is impossible to go for a walk in the city without stopping by these booth and admire the M?rti?or (traditional trinkets). These M?rti?or models catch your eye everywhere you look. Also, these models smile to you and rouse you to take them home. But for those you did not realized yet, these commercial M?rti?or have some lack: are impersonal, without originality and some extremely expensive.

After you prepared the materials, take the (if it is white paint a model on it) and make sure it has a big size the receiver will have no use of it if you choose a letter or a A5 format. Then, take the paper and cut stripes with the or a cutter (with a width of 3 5 mm) and using the quilling technique (the art of folding paper), wrap around the stripes. If you can not do it alone, use a toothpick for help. The second step imply actually creating the collage on the cardboard glue the desired accessories, for example the leaves or the photographs. Arrange them as you like. With the glitter you can decorate the edge of the paper by drawing all kind of patterns.

red and white cord for M?r?i?or

give a M?r?i?or without. Here you have two options you can either buy a ready made cord from any shop or hobby shop or you can handmade one, using two kinds of thread which must be braid. I recommend you to buy a ready made cord they look more shiny and beautiful and saves you time. If you have a passion or a talent for sewing, you can try to sew some materials pieces on the cardboard. The last step would be folding a sheet of paper into an envelope you will use it to give the M?r?i?or in it.

As March marks the beginning of a new season, a fresh, young, dream and hopes giver, it should marks for you as well the beginning of some brand new activities. You should try this month some challenging activities such as paper crafting or building paper models.

Red Air Force Ones 2018

this activity, stay put I will go through step by step!

So, you need:paper colored, black or white (you can even take it from a newspaper or magazine)glue (preferable white glue must glue paper and should not leave ugly marks on the cardboard)

the traditional presents for the women in your life such as your mother, sister, wife, daughter or female friend.

Red Air Force Ones 2018

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