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Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

But that depends on Iraqi willingness to do the hard work of securing their country.

When Iraqis vote on a proposed national constitution next month, Faraidun Muhamid Ali of Mankato won't be casting a ballot.

Muhamid Ali continues to keep close tabs on his now former country. He talks with relatives remaining in Iraq and watches Al Jazeera, the Qatari based Arab language television network.

A strong supporter of the war in Iraq, he is routinely irritated by the network, which he says has an anti Kurdish, anti American bias. Muhamid Ali keeps watching, though, despite being driven by some of the guests interviewed on the network to spit on the screen.

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

"I'm so happy because I got citizenship of the United States," Muhamid Ali said.

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

Muhamid Ali definitely has strong opinions that don't always mesh with those of other Mankato residents originally from the Middle East and southeast Asia.

"My wife says, 'Don't do that, now I have to wash the screen,'" he said.

Muhamid Ali is hopeful that two more years of commitment by the United States will bring stability, even peace, to Iraq. Red Air Force 1 Shoes

"In Kurdistan, we have a saying If you like to grow freedom, you have to give him your blood," he said. "Freedom cannot be irrigated by water. You have to irrigate it with blood."

"Why is he hiding?" Muhamid Ali said. "Anyone who calls himself brave, a champion, a hero, he doesn't have to hide and fight in the storm drains and come out at night like a bat."

targeting civilians.

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

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"We have debates," he said, smiling. "Because this is my country, to be honest, I have the No. 1 right to talk about my country."

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

"They just take advantage of the people who are simple."

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

Muhamid Ali said if al Qaida was genuinely concerned about Islamic people, they would have tried to help the Kurds when they were being slaughtered by Hussein. Instead, they only use Islam to convince uneducated people to do their violent work for them, he said.

They are not holy warriors, he said, pointing to a recent bombing at a bus station. After the first car bomb killed civilians, the second and third car bombs came in to kill the emergency medical responders.

Muhamid Ali drove twice to Chicago in January, first to register and then to vote in the Iraqi national elections. It was his way of thumbing his nose at the insurgents attempting to undermine the effort to turn Iraq into a democracy.

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

"Is that Islam? No. Is that a jihad? No," he said. "That is terror 100 percent. Killing innocent people is terrorism."

Laden and Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the head of al Qaida in Iraq, are cowardly and don't represent most followers of Islam, Muhamid Ali said. If bin Laden truly had the support of the Iraqi people, he could lead a more overt battle.

"I just hate these people," Muhamid Ali said. "I just hate these people with Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow all my heart."

But he won't be voting again on Oct. 15. He can't.

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

As a native of the Kurdish northern part of Iraq, Muhamid Ali said he fled after receiving threats to his safety. He had been working as a television journalist in the semi autonomous region, filing stories critical of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

He believes the war is going better, that the Iraqi Security Forces are growing in size and strength and are bringing more order to the country. Still, he thinks the United States should send more troops to Iraq to help secure the Iranian and Syrian borders to keep insurgents from coming into the country and to keep them from being resupplied.

Mankato resident from Iraq happy to be U

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

He has nothing but disdain for the insurgents who seem to be Nike Force Field

Nike Air Force 1 Blue And Yellow

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