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Maple Ridge vet Dr. Adrian Walton looked at several cat carcasses in March and told the SPCA to order full necropsies on the animals after he noticed clean cuts on their bones.

In the past year, a total of 22 dismembered cats have been found in the municipality.

Convicted serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and David Berkowitz all delighted in torturing animals before moving on to human Air Force 1 Nike Red And White

"We try to keep her in because, from what I hear, this has been happening for a year," said Wernicke.

"Research has shown that often times people start of with animals before advancing to humans that's why the SPCA and RCMP are taking this so seriously," he said.

Seven more cats have been found mutilated in Maple Ridge in the past two weeks, three months after the SPCA appealed for information about the disturbing killings.

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Monika Soos' three month old kitten, Mau, was found July 15 on her front lawn on Stephens Street, near 118 A Avenue, its head cleanly severed and placed neatly next to a bubble gum pink collar.

"Someone knows something and they need to bring it forward, not only for the safety of cats but for the safety of their neighbours down the road."

Wernicke found Buttercup's tail and tufts of fur later at a street corner.

"It was definitely her," said Wernicke, who identified the year old Calico from her distinct markings.

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Dismembered cats have also been found in other parts of Metro Vancouver. At least five cats had been found cut in half in White Rock, Surrey and Langley in October 2010.

law enforcement agencies, have linked animal cruelty to domestic violence, child abuse and serial killing.

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Buttercup's head was discovered on the front lawn of a house five blocks away from Wernicke's home on Selkirk Street.

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The deaths concerned Mounties because all the cats were similarly disfigured.

Police received three similar reports in the next few months.

Maple Ridge cat killer strikes again

but unfortunately we still have no leads we are still pleading to the public for information if anyone has seen or knows anything," said Chortyk.

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Eric Wernicke's cat Buttercup disappeared Wednesday and was found after someone noticed a posting for a lost cat on Craigslist.

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"I hope they get him," he said.

According to the American Humane Association, in a study of 57 families being treated for incidents of child abuse, 88 per cent also abused animals.

The first cat mutilation was reported to RCMP and the Maple Ridge SPCA last July, but the owner was initially told her kitten was killed by a coyote.

In two thirds of the cases, it was the abusive parent who had killed or injured the animals to control a child. In one third, the children had abused the animals, using them as scapegoats for their anger.

Walton has been urging cat owners in Maple Ridge to keep their pets indoor for years not because there's a serial cat killer on the prowl but to keep them out of the jaws of coyotes.

Wernicke hopes the person responsible for the cat mutilations is caught soon.

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Researchers, including the FBI and other Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Mid - Game Royal

But like most adventurous felines, Buttercup often slipped out when the front door opened.

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