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We try to keep them mixed up, with a variety of things like sculpture and drawing and games and stuff like that."

In past years, the children have enjoyed the theme weeks and the activities surrounding them.

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group, but it is mix of technical lessons but also a lot of awesome crafts that you maybe wouldn't do at school," she said. "Everyone at the gallery is an artist themselves we try to get creative with the projects we do."

"The community, we put out a letter to our members asking for donations and stuff like that, so we have massive amounts of toilet paper rolls and things like that to do all kinds of crafts."

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"It is focused on fun It is kind of tough, depending on the age Air Force Black Suede

She said it is a great way to get the community involved in the art gallery.

July 28 August 1 is Spectacular Circus. There is no need to breathe fire of stand on your head to join. Kids will create circus acts using all kinds of art supplies, puppetry and storytelling. $100

Mann Art Gallery ready for summer camps

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August 5 8 is Nature Seekers. During this week, campers will discover how to make art out of things in the backyard. They will use recyclable materials to make creatures, crafts and experiments. $80

August 11 15 is Superheroes week. Leaders will help kids find their inner super power while constructing secret identities and supernatural art projects. $100

Unlike regular art classes, that focus on technique and skills, the gallery also incorporates many summer camp elements too, such as games surrounding art and crafts.

"They are all different themes every week," assistant educator Julie Mills said. "We have something very different every week, everything from space and robots to an environmentally friendly art week. Air Force Black White

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"I guess it can just attract the attention of different interests in kids so if you are more into water animals and stuff we have a deep sea adventure one and then is a superhero one," Mills said. "It gives them options of what they want to do they can pick which camp they want to do."

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throughout the year for school kids, so they can come in and do little crafts, so this is kind of a furthering of that," Mills said.

She said not only is it easier to plan a themed week, it is more fun for the children involved.

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July 21 25 is Deep Sea Adventures. Day campers will discover new plants, animals and creatures through water themed creations while exploring all sorts of art forms and maybe battle off pirates. $100

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"We do school tours Air Force Sneakers

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July 7 11 is Adventure Time. This camp gives kids non stop excitement where they can seek out new lands, battle robots and make out of this world creations. $100

"I guess you can get really messy, because you are not at home and your mom doesn't have to clean up, so that is one fun thing," Mills laughed. "We've just got a lot of supplies, so you can do a lot of crafts that maybe you couldn't do at home.

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Theme weeks at the Mann Art Gallery

There are six different summer camps planned throughout the summer at the Mann Art Gallery:

July 14 17 is World Explorers. During this week, children visit different cultures around the world Air Force 1 Nike White in the safety of the gallery. $80

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