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You know what's truly beautiful? Seeing people out and about enjoying their lives is what's beautiful. You don't see that when they are cooped up in their cars zooming away faster than humanly possible.

Plans on the segment in front of Roswell Street Baptist Church, from Victory Drive to Dodd Street, include a landscaped median, 8 foot wide sidewalks, trees and pedestrian level street lights.

A vibrant community is what they need to see. People coming and going in their cars is nothing any different from strip mall and chain restaurant hell in East Cobb and West Cobb where the houses are twice the size for half the price but come with a 2 hour per day prison sentence nobody ever considers (the commute), so why buy in the city where there's nothing particularly compelling here beyond the potential to hope for something better someday since the bones are good?

Orange Air Forces

Goldstein said a major road project takes time and Roswell Street has already gone through two cycles of SPLOST funding.

Orange Air Forces

Further engineering and surveying will be done by city staff, with final drawings approved by the City Council in two or three months.

"I know God will always take care of his church," Easley said.

Orange Air Forces

Orange Air Forces

It is just a matter of time until Cobb County voters approve another SPLOST that the city will allocate for this development, Goldstein said.

members agreed to the deal.

"This (project) was unique because we were dealing with a church," Councilman Philip Goldstein said.

For an event better question, why have no bicycle lanes been added to ANYTHING Marietta has been doing to the city?

Orange Air Forces

"It is a pretty stretch of road," said Goldstein, who added that he has seen improvements to some commercial businesses along the road over the years.

MARIETTA A decade long dispute came to an end on Wednesday night with a signed agreement and a friendly embrace between Mayor Steve Tumlin and the senior pastor of Roswell Street Baptist Church.

After nine months of discussions, Easley took the settlement to the church's congregation of 2,300 active members. At a business meeting on Sept. 8, some 200 Nike Force Tan

The agreement specifies that the city will pay the mediation expenses incurred by the church through March 18.

If we want people to come here and buy our new townhomes and houses in Meeting Park and Hedges and Gramlin and Johnny Walker and whatever other PVC farms we taxpayers are still carrying, they have to see something that makes them want to live here.

Orange Air Forces

The City Council voted 6 0 with Councilman Jim King absent to accept an agreement with the church that allows the city to acquire church property to widen Roswell Street from two to four lanes.

The terms of the agreement

The city will pay the church $115,000 to gain .4 acres of property that it will use for landscaping the north side of Roswell Street across from the church, as well as stretches to the east of the church. The church will deed .8 acres of property to the city, but gain .4 acres back in different strips of land.

The Rev. Ernest Easley, the church's senior pastor, said he trusted in God during the process, and vowed to never walk away from the negotiations.

The city's $24 million project to widen Roswell Street Nike Force One

Orange Air Forces

Orange Air Forces

to four lanes from the Marietta Square to the Big Chicken includes current construction from Dodd Street to Cobb Parkway.

Orange Air Forces

Why did Roswell St need to be 4 lanes through there? So drivers headed inbound to the Square can back their cars up at the Square where the westbound direction of 120 reduces to one lane?

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Orange Air Forces

The city will relinquish ownership of the right of way on the north side of the church's parking lot and of an alley between two commercial properties that are owned by the church directly across the street.

The construction of this phase Orange Air Forces will take a year and will not begin until next spring, at the earliest, city engineer Jim Wilgus said.

Paving the way for road construction

and church finally agree on Roswell Street widening

Fears of condemnation caused an uprising by the church's congregation at a City Council meeting in November 2012, which resulted in the council unanimously voting in favor of mediation.

Goldstein, who said he has always been supportive of the road project that has taken more than 20 years to complete, made the recommendation to approve the agreement.

This still leaves a stretch from Barnes Street, just east of Fairground Street, to Victory Street, which runs next to Roswell Street Baptist Church. But the project will be out of funding by the time the city reaches this portion, Wilgus said.

Orange Air Forces

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