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Brandon Avery, 25, decided to join the Peace Corps after graduating from Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville because he wanted "to get some real field experience."

Marietta man returns home after two years in Peace Corps

He said his ideal job would be as a foreign services officer working with international aid organizations like Red Cross or UNICEF.

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"When I was an undergraduate, I had a large group of international students in my school and I got to know a lot of people from around the world and got to realize my perception of others is off from what we saw on the news," Wright said.

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better health statuses, for example immunizations to avoid disease or death in places like Haiti.

"The program I am most proud of was the Men as Partners program," he said. "It targets men in the community to teach them about gender equality and how they can improve women's rights."

White Air Force Ones Mid

White Air Force Ones Mid

"We worried about his safety in a continent where terrorism is commonplace and not easy to avoid but believe his attitude and action is what we need more of in this world today," Shae Avery said.

She got a taste for living overseas while visiting her brother in Germany and decided to be the first in her family or her friends to join the Peace Corps.

She worked in a prenatal clinic and with infants, in addition to managing a pharmacy at the hospital, hosting a women's group that met at her house, tutoring children in English and going into smaller villages to do health education.

Avery said he would never forget the feeling of being on the other side of the world.

resident who knows what it's like to serve two years with the Peace Corps in Africa is 45 year old Tracie Wright. This year marks 20 years since she worked in Cameroon in west central Africa.

Avery participated in several training seminars and volunteered with a girls education and empowerment program.

Avery also had "relatively reliable" electricity and air conditioning but had to get his water from a rain catch cistern.

"I was lucky because Togo was in the mountains so it was just a few degrees cooler, which makes a big difference when it's Africa," he said.

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MARIETTA A Marietta man said it's overwhelming to be back home after working with the Peace Corps in West Africa for two years, but he doesn't regret his decision to go there.

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"His compassionate sacrifice is both inspiring and humbling," she said.

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He isn't sure what's next for him because he is still digesting the experience but said he has applied for a position at Northside Hospital and is considering earning a Masters of Science in Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University.

Another also worked with a small nongovernment agency funded by a German embassy grant to create seven local development committees, whose members were voted in by residents.

returning from Africa, she studied at Tulane University in Louisiana, earning a degree in international health and management, which eventually led her to Atlanta and working in her current position at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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"That was awesome because people got really excited about voting," he said. "They would have a band playing with women dancing in the voting lines."

"It was a very satisfying project," he said.

"I would be honored to get the opportunity to work for one of these agencies," he said.

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"It made me appreciate absolutely everything that I had," she said. "I didn't grow up with a lot of money or means but I took for granted being able to go down the hall and get clean water from the water fountain. For a lot of people that's just not part of their lives."

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But that doesn't mean his parents didn't worry about him.

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His mother, Gwenda, said she White Air Force Ones Mid and husband Shae are "extremely proud" of their son.

During her two years there, she was a primary care coordinator working in what is equivalent to a county level hospital in the United States.

Like Avery, she joined the organization after graduating from college, the University of Toledo in her case.

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