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"The trails are a lot different in the summer," Bushnell said.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

They're both Nordic skiers and know what it's like to lose their way on the trails. Pickett remembers being turned around his first winter skiing.

"We want people to know things like, if you want to hike with your grandma what would be a good loop," Matson said.

They also plan to eventually post signs on the trails following the federal National Trails System guidelines that list trail surface, difficulty level and proper use, whether hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding, for example, Matson said.

She can see how people could be turned around if they didn't have a map or weren't familiar with the trail system.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

students who know the trails best and could map them easily. Any student could have taken the class, but it was easier to start with ones who knew the trails.

a mile long and have little elevation gain or loss, said Bob Matson, a Natrona County High School physical education teacher and one of the teachers for the summer course.

Sydney Nike Air Force Black And Blue Cannon and Paige Bushnell, both 15, are Nordic skiers and haven't spent much time on the trails without snow.

In the winter, when a massive groomer clearly marks the trails, it's easy to stay on track. In the summer, some trails on Casper Mountain are a little tougher to identify. Roots wind their way around the ground, bushes and weeds grow through some trails and washouts flow through others. No maps label which ones are easy or hard.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

At the bottom of a hill, they stopped to put information about a washout in their yellow and black GPS devices. Each unit allows students to input elevation, distance and trail obstacles like washouts, trees and ditches. The devices upload the information to the same place, the geographic information system, which could eventually create maps.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

The students are part of a class this summer designed to teach geographic information system and GPS skills and work on physical conditioning. They earn one high school elective credit, and as a bonus will do some of the groundwork for a comprehensive Casper Mountain trail map.

"As a newcomer I see value in making maps for people. If I knew where I was going it would be a lot easier to come up here," said Tyler Roland, a Casper College geographic information system student who's helping with the course.

Trent Hover, 16 and James Pickett, 15, walked down a trail at the Casper Mountain Trails Center Monday morning holding their cell phones and GPS devices in front of them. They stopped at each sign, obstacle or elevation change.

"It's a valuable skill for these students to learn. It's a skill they can put on a resume and get a job with," Sun said.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

Matson asked Casper Nordic skiers, runners and mountain bikers for help with the project. They are the Air Force Red

community members to document and create a comprehensive map of Natrona County trails. Eventually, Matson and others hope to make trails more accessible to residents and visitors.

"You have to move forward a foot, otherwise the washout won't be in the right place," Hover said.

The students receive useful training on GIS and GPS systems, said Jeff Sun, a Casper College GIS instructor and the other teacher for the summer course.

"We'll label this a washout and a low point," Pickett told Hover.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

Both he and Hover agree better signs would help anyone new to the trails in the summer or the winter.

The class dovetails on a larger project started by Matson and other Air Force Wheat

Pickett stood at the edge of the dry creek bed.

The Maze, for example, is a series of smaller trails near the Casper Mountain Trails Center lodge. Most are less than Nike Air Force 4

The information they ultimately collect will go to the county and city parks departments, Matson said.

As she and Cannon turned to walk up a hill on Monday, Cannon opened a slope meter smartphone app. It told the girls how much the trail sloped from left to right and would help in the description.

Through the class, the county and city will hopefully receive information they need, which requires many hours of on the ground work.

Six Natrona County high school students are working on fixing that problem.

The maps eventually would give exact information on the trails such as distance, difficulty and slope.

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

Roland moved to Casper from Gering, Neb., and thinks better maps would encourage more people to use the trails.

The teens signed up for the class in part because they would receive a credit, but also as something to do. Hover does surveying work for a company in the summer and the information he's learning fits nicely with his job.

Pickett took another step into the dry ditch and stopped. The GPS marked the location withing several feet of the spot. It records something akin to latitude and longitude of their position.

Mapping class may lead to trails map

Nike Air Force Black And Blue

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