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Manchester split over Boris Johnson

If Manchester votes 'no' on May 3, there will be no special dispensation, no favours for what has been achieved in the past. A new political settlement will have been created.

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Salford has already decided it wants a directly elected mayor and will choose a candidate to fill the post on May 3.

The remaining 7.5pc said they either didn't know or didn't intend to vote suggesting there is everything to play for ahead of a referendum to settle the issue on May 3.

Manchester is the only city or town in our region that has been ordered to hold a referendum next month.

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If Manchester votes 'no', the phone will ring less and the city will be in real danger of falling behind its neighbours.

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Nike Air Force 1 Mid Black Review

Elected mayors, not council leaders, will be top of the call list for potential investors and for central government.

Salford, just minutes away from Manchester's town hall, will also be represented. Birmingham, Manchester's great rival for 'second city' status, is likely to be there too. So what of Air Force Suede Red

Cities like Manchester are at risk of being squeezed out by the ever present and always heard voices of people like Alex Salmond and Boris Johnson.

The Manchester Referendum: How will you vote?

competition comes from.

Everyone knows them. Everyone knows who they are fighting for, and it isn't Manchester.

Most people in Manchester considered themselves Nike Air Force 1 Mid Black Review to have a good grasp of the issues ahead of the referendum in May. Some 30.7pc said they thought they were 'very well informed'. But a minority 21pc admitted they didn't even realise the vote was taking place.

elected on the same day as Manchester decides whether or not to have one.

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Residents of other towns and cities can trigger their own referendums if enough people express the will to do so through a petition.

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While our survey found a slight majority of Mancunians were against the idea of a mayor for their city, there was more support for the idea of a mayor for the whole of Greater Manchester. Across the region, 56pc thought that was a better idea than individual mayors for individual towns and cities.

Would a major for the whole of Greater Manchester be better than mayors for individual towns and cities?

Our survey found that, across Greater Manchester as a whole, 49.4pc of people said they would want a directly elected mayor in their borough while 50.6pc were opposed.

Would you like a directly elected mayor for your town or city?

Opponents say the current system works perfectly well and makes it harder for extremists, fringe groups and 'joke' candidates to win absolute power.

I hope they people will vote 'Yes' and remember that great 19th century slogan: "What Manchester thinks today, the world will think tomorrow."

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But the world is changing. Every great city with which Manchester must compete has a directly elected leader backed by the public recognition and the accountability that ensures.

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Nike Air Force 1 Mid Black Review

The government supports the change saying mayors bring 'strong and visible' leadership and increase a city's prestige.

Last week, the Prime Minister announced that directly elected mayors will have a seat at the top table. A new 'mayors cabinet' will be established, bringing together city mayors, giving the best access to government and the first choice of funding streams and regeneration initiatives. Liverpool has already booked its seat around that table, with a new mayor being Nike Air Force With Stars

The government has so far ruled out offering people the option of a mayor for the whole of Greater Manchester.

Our survey also found a majority of people thought a mayor, if introduced, should have the power to spend local business rates and control transport prices. But there was widespread opposition to the idea they should be able to set policing or health priorities, or create a local income tax to boost town hall coffers.


What is striking, however, is that after brokering such a successful deal, the coalition appears to want to throw a spanner into Greater Manchester's works and ask us to vote in one of our ten districts, the city of Manchester itself, for an elected mayor. There is little or no demand for an elected mayor: two previous consultations held by government in Manchester have already thrown the idea out.

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Some councillors and other local people believe that a change would be a mistake that Manchester is doing well without interfering with the status quo. They say that, through Sir Richard Leese and Sir Howard Bernstein, Manchester is showing leadership across the wider Greater Manchester area. The real issue is whether the city would do better on the world stage where today's Air Force

Manchester is one of a string of major cities across England that will be asking voters whether they want to switch to a directly elected mayor.

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