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Additions could include new plants, such as azaleas and roses, as well as seating and granite steps into the park.

The $3.5 million renovation of the Porter Center will expand the property from 1.8 acres to 4.8 acres.

The committee will hear more detailed plans for the area, as well as a cost estimate, at its Sept. 23 meeting.

Those parks are Flournoy Park and the future Chicopee and Blackwell parks.

Kelly said the council will take time to mull the options, and when members vote to spend the parks bond, they will distribute it equally.

Coincidentally, vindication for his defense of open government came loud and clear in another case of Tisdale's being ejected from a Cumming City Council meeting in April 2012. Olens quickly filed suit against the mayor and the city to enforce Georgia's Open Meetings Act. He won big a week ago in a ruling by Forsyth Superior Court Judge Robert Adamson, who ordered the city and the mayor to pay $12,000 in penalties maximum allowed under the law Nike Air Force 1 Elite Wheat

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

"Republicans are Georgia's problem."

"We want to make sure we're not heavily concentrated in one area of the city with parks," Kelly said.

"It will open (Flournoy Park) up and make it a little bit more attractive," Buss said. "We presented this in 2012, but the council decided to put it on hold."

So says David Pennington, the former Dalton mayor who ran for the Republican nomination for governor and placed second with 17 percent of the vote behind Gov. Nathan Deal, who coasted to re nomination with 72 percent. In his "Pennington Perspective" email this week, Pennington fired a scathing verbal barrage at fellow Republicans.

Chicopee Park is nearly 3 acres of land on Chicopee Drive purchased by the city in December 2012, Buss said. It would cost $440,000 to fence in the property and pave a concrete path inside that would enclose a new picnic table area and playground, Buss said.

MARIETTA The City Council is eyeing three parks and the Elizabeth Porter Recreation Center as options to spend $5 million that remains from the $25 million bond issuance voters approved in 2009.

The council agreed the best plan for the park was to keep it natural and plant more trees and shrubs.

Questioning whether Georgia Republicans "practice what they preach" about limited government with "lower taxes, less spending and less regulation," Pennington says fiscal year 2014 revenue growth included $473 million from "the new way cars are taxed" after the so called birthday auto tax was eliminated, but in reality, the new ad valorem vehicle tax amounted to "Georgia's second largest Nike Air Force 180 Black Royal Blue Red

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Rich Buss, the city's parks director, said parks bonds funds can be allocated to cover the overage.

Councilman Andy Morris said he liked the design for the park because it remains closed off from the adjacent neighborhood, Forest Hills.

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Councilman Philip Goldstein said because the park is adjacent to the courthouse, which is owned by the county, the council should present the plans to the county as well as request its help to fund the project.

"Chicopee is different because a lot of people live right behind it, but I like the trees that will keep the noise away from (the Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates residents) and the picket fence," Morris said.

Marietta starts strong in region standings

The city paid $30,000 more than it originally planned for one property it needed to expand the Porter Center, which is on Allgood Road near North Marietta Parkway, causing it to go over budget for the project.

Pennington's blast at fellow Republicans couldn't have been timed any worse, coming on the heels of an outrageous stunt at a Republican campaign rally last Saturday at Burt's Pumpkin Farm in Dawson County, per Tuesday's Around Town. Of all the GOP candidates present including Gov. Nathan Deal and Senate nominee David Perdue only Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens had the guts to speak out against the outrage.

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Georgia's Republican leadership has presided over what is arguably the largest economic decline, relative to the rest of the country, since the Civil War."

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

The former mayor spreads the blame around to Deal's predecessor, Sonny Perdue, and GOP legislators. "After 12 years of Republican rule, Georgians' taxes are higher and state spending is higher," says Pennington. "Georgia's growing population is getting poorer. Other Republican led states are outperforming us because they have embraced real tax reform based on lower state income tax. Meanwhile, Georgia's pseudo Republican leadership has no plans to reduce our income tax, the 9th highest in the country." He adds: "In the last 12 years, Nike Air Force Colours

The Parks, Recreation and Tourism Committee chaired by Michelle Cooper Kelly discussed its options but didn't vote to allocate any money.

tax increase in 20 years."

and attorney's fees, "a major victory for government transparency," Olens said.

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

The other undeveloped property, Blackwell Park, is quarter of an acre the city purchased on Blackwell Lane in April 2011.

"We're probably just going to make it a light, green space and a community garden," Walker said.

Councilman Johnny Walker said residents want the property to remain undeveloped.

Other potential projects to be funded by the bond include two pieces of land the city already purchased that are the future sites of Chicopee Park and Blackwell Park.

Kudos to Olens for standing up for our First Amendment rights.

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Flournoy Park, a quarter acre park on Roswell Street beside the Cobb County Courthouse, could get additions worth $95,000.

"If we stand for anything as a party, what are we afraid of with the lady having a camera filming us?" Olens asked. "What are we saying here that shouldn't be on film? What message are we sending? That because it's private property they shouldn't be filming? What is the harm? The harm that this poses is far greater than her filming us. What are we hiding? If we are telling you why we are running and what we stand for, what are we hiding? Who's the winner in the long run? Not a good move."

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

Air Force 1 2018 Release Dates

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