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Air Force 1 Royal Blue

She has a Southern sounding name that would have fit just Air Force Nike Red

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

"I was nervous on Nike Air Force Elite White

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

Mamie Jo Doyle came to Marietta Square backing in 2009 looking for a bakery in which to do an internship. She found a bakery, cut a deal with its owners to buy it at the end of her internship and today is the proud owner of "Miss Mamie's Cupcakes, Cakes and Such ." She is also is the winner of "The Cupcake Wars" on The Food Network.

Marietta Square home to 'Cupcake War' queen

She knew she had won but was sworn to secrecy until it aired March 25.

Business is booming these days, and she and her brother now are looking to open a second location somewhere on the coast. Her operation has tripled in size and grown to a dozen employees. In addition to baking cupcakes and cakes and lots of wedding cakes, Mamie's offers cake decorating classes and birthday parties. There's also an internship program.

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

"I wasn't allowed to tell anybody," she said. "I had to make up lies. My own grandmother didn't know that I'd won."

second round because I knew we were going a little bit crazy with our flavors, but we made it," she said. "And I knew if we made it through the second round we'd be OK on the third round, because on the third you have to make 1,000 cupcakes of four different flavors and you have two hours, which most people think is the hardest part, Nike Air Force 1 Brown For Sale

but for me, I feel like I live that every Saturday on Marietta Square."

For the second round, they had 75 minutes in which to make three different flavored cupcakes that were judged 50 50 on looks and taste. She made one that was clair flavored, another that was a margarita cake with a strawberry jalapeno puree with Key lime butter cream, and a third that was pistachio cake with white chocolate and a rosewater meringue and a Air Force 1 Royal Blue sugar rose petal on top.

The Food Network allowed the winning episode to be shown live at The Strand Theatre that night. It was a standing room only night.

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

She majored in art at Alma College in that state, and got help from her parents with her bakery purchase. She handles the creative end of it and her brother, a business major, handles the money side. She had visited family in Marietta before moving here. Speaking of family, she has 69 aunts and uncles and 42 cousins, she told members of the Marietta Kiwanis Club recently. to compete. The show taped last fall and was aired March 25. And yes, she won. Four teams competed through three rounds, with one team being eliminated after each round.

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

fine in Marietta 75 years ago, but she's actually from Sheboygan, Mich., and is barely 25.

The bakers were given 45 minutes to produce a cupcake during the first round, which was judged strictly on appearance.

"It was incredible, especially not being from here," she said. "It was very humbling, the amount of support I felt from Marietta. I love this place!"

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

Air Force 1 Royal Blue

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