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Nike Air Force Wheat

Nike Air Force Wheat

Nike Air Force Wheat

Fees paid by consumers that are either identified separately or part of the price of the goods, pay for Nike Air Force Wheat the program.

Nike Air Force Wheat

Nike Air Force Wheat

Nike Air Force Wheat

"It's an exciting move and we're happy the Ministry of Environment is doing this and keeping going with all of the extended producer programs," Day said.

Before, with many items, the depot would either sell or recycle products. But under an EPR Air Force 1 Nike Size 6

The Ministry of Environment's product stewardship program requires producers to manage and collect what they produce, until the end of the life of the product.

Nike Air Force Wheat

program the manufacturer has to ensure that another company will collect the items at the depot for final recycling and disposal.

That list will be added to the newsprint, cardboard, paper, plastic containers, computers, dishwashers, televisions, laser printers, laptop computers, telephone books and toasters currently accepted at the depot.

Maple Ridge recycling depot ready to take more

Nike Air Force Wheat

"We've always taken of this stuff, but they're now covered by an extended producer responsibility program."

The same goes for electric lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, lamps, sewing machines and any kind of light bulb, from compact fluorescent, to incandescent, LEDs and halogens.

game devices, remote controlled cars, tread mills and any other electric powered exercise machines, old vinyl records, eight track tapes and DVDs can all be taken to the depot.

Nike Air Force Wheat

Day said Encorp Pacific, which collects beverage containers and electronics, and Product Care, which handles paint, pesticides and small appliances, are working on announcing the new list of accepted items.

"All power tools are now covered as well," including Nike Air Force 1 Navy Blue Suede

Starting July 1, electric toys, television Nike Force Trainers

The new list of acceptable recyclables reflects provincial legislation expanding the products for which manufacturers are now required to take responsibility.

Day said the next big step happens in 2014, when printed paper, such as newspapers, is added to the product stewardship program, requiring publishers and manufacturers to ensure each product is recycled until the end of its life.

power saws, she added.

Nike Air Force Wheat

Nike Air Force Wheat

Nike Air Force Wheat

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