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about how the city manages the BLW funding. And keep demanding until the truth is exposed.

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Marietta Lights and Water chief suspended for obscene comment

Asked about the incident, Lewis expressed remorse.

As a result, Bruton suspended Lewis for three days without pay from April 26 to April 30.

During the council's March 28 meeting, Lewis cursed at Sam Lady, the city's finance chief, who was sitting in the audience, as he passed him in the aisle.

"I think Bill has numerous incidents that occurred with Bobby," he said. "It's time to get some fresh blood in that leadership position. If you've got somebody that don't have respect for the mayor and the City Council and the city manager, it's time for them to go.""

Or how about offering electricity for a year as economic incentive to manufacturers? How about free electricity if Lockheed makes their next military welfare job program project here in Marietta?

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Nike Air Force Mint Green

Bob Lewis, general manager of the Marietta Board of Lights and Water, was suspended for three days without pay for cursing and uttering obscenities at another city employee during a City Council meeting.

"He got off lightly," Coleman said.

Lewis said the second charge Bruton leveled at him came about because he initially didn't think he said such comments to Lady.

Let's think about lowering electricity prices during the summer rather than raising them. We could all be sitting around in 68 degree air conditioning rather than 82 degree because of jacked up rates.

supervisors, department heads or the public."

Marietta citizens, don't be fooled by Bill Bruton's (and Anthony Coleman, Philip Goldstein, Andy Morris) attempt to humiliate Bob Lewis to Air Force Shoes Pink

As general manager of the city owned utility, Lewis is paid a salary of $127,504. A three day suspension cost him $1,471.

Tensions have run high with the city's utility as officials decide what to do with the excess power it owns. With the excess energy and the environmental regulations, Mayor Steve Tumlin has predicted a 4 percent electric rate increase every year for the next five years Nike Air Force Mint Green unless alternatives can be found.

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Bruton goes on to write that when he questioned Lewis about the incident later, Lewis denied making the comment, although it was witnessed by a second employee.

In an April 23 memo to Lewis, City Manager Bill Bruton writes that his actions violate the city code section on "gross discourtesy to coworkers, Nike Air Force 1 Mid Blue White

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Nike Air Force Mint Green

It seems there are so many ways to slay this beast, but the Mayor blathers, seemingly mindlessly, about making everybody pay extra for unused power? No Nike Force Air 1

Why not sell the extra power? Even if it's sold for a loss, it's better than making us pay 100% of its price for not using it.

Councilman Anthony Coleman believes Lewis deserves greater punishment.

"When he first asked me about the situation, he quoted what I supposedly said, and I didn't think I had said that, so I came back to one of my coworkers, and I asked them if I said that and they said yes. So when I sat down with him, I told him that," Lewis said.

If selling it is impossible, how about following the laws of supply and demand? You got too much supply, you increase demand by lowering the price.

Bruton concluded his memo with this statement: "Any future violation of the City of Marietta/BLW Personnel Rules and Regulations will result in disciplinary action up to and including recommendation for termination."

wonder the Tax Collector BLW guy is angry!

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suppress the truth and cause a distraction. Anybody present at that meeting will tell you Mr. Lewis was provoked because they wanted a reason to silence him. Ask a MBLW Board member to explain their attempts to correct the way the city is mismanaging BLW funds at your expense. Demand an exact report from your city councilman

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"I would just say that I made a mistake, and I apologized to Sam Lady for it," Lewis told MDJ on Tuesday. "I made a mistake. I was angry because of what had happened at the council meeting, and I made a mistake in making a comment to Sam that I shouldn't have."

Lady declined to comment.

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"You know, I'm not a bad guy," Lewis said. "And I don't cause these kinds of problems. This is the first time since I was in the tenth grade that I was suspended for anything. I think I was laying out of school playing pool at that point in time. Regardless of how mad I was and regardless of how upset I was, I shouldn't have used that language at the City Council. So that was my bad."

By denying that he made the comment, Bruton writes that Lewis violates another part of the city code, which relates to "willfully giving false statements to supervisors, department heads or the public."

Lewis, who oversees a staff of 202 people and a annual budget of $167.5 million, has been general manager of the BLW since 2004.

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